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The languages of thought in my head are constantly breaking and reforming, shattering and reconstructing. Constantly being Rewritten. This is my attempt at capturing that process throughout my adolescence. An organized chaos slowly shedding the parts of itself it didn't know it did not need to stay alive.


my first poetry book featuring the realchemization of old pieces to emerge anew.~"I JUST NEED A BREAKING SO GRACEFUL YOU'D THINK I PLANNED HOW I'D BE REBORN" ~socials:

📖 STRANGE ALCHEMY includes:- new hand-drawn cover art- 90+ pages alchemically rewritten poetry and music-Poems + songs written since 2012- Self-made graphic art and photography- Exclusive erasure of audience-favorite poem, “ORACULARITY” 👁🧿-Free digital “flippable” HTML e- book versionBonuses:- Links to all my current publications- 5 in-depth spellwork writing prompts to activate intuition & clear writer’s block- 15+ never-before-released works- FREE 1-on-1 discovery call for creative alchemic activation

FEATURED POEM - "SELF PORTRAIT"watch live performance video:

I'm dancing through hallways of the house in my mindLooking for fluid darkness already flowing inside my own cathedralsMy body is not a temple, it is something much more divine; a breathing organism.Divinity my cells hold amount to more than my own soulDo they?Where is the line drawn between who will become more God than what is incomparable?But waves reflecting moonlight remind meI’ve learned enough tonight from moments that do not shineBeauty is really just pain, realphabetized into an etymology of gold over fractures, broken into a ghost of the word "perfect"And the same could be said forthe house inside my brain I've learned to architecture from dripping dark seething out my poresThe moon taught us allShe always has Been a reminder, radiance phasing magnificence Just like my every wake and wane and window pane and pain andHow everything can become it: -pain-The one thing that will destroy so mercilessly it will amnesia your restfulMake you forget you can pheonix the atom bomb in your heartBecause all I can ever do is wait the moment I will run3, 2, 1And GO!As the strings fire, they ice their way in disguiseTo pass through and Trojan Horse the strings so tightly woven vertically across my faceThey are unlearning unnecessary tension when all else seems to threatenI can break throughI know I canI just need a breaking so graceful you’d think I planned how I’d be reborn, cycle once moreUnwind me! I know the mirror canHe has my same hands to slowly peel my skin(The same pen as well)The same feet to get back up ontoI take myself apart like no lover dreamed they couldUndo myself so carefully pieces could be resealed in a single origami-precise sleight of hand like I was telling myself to stay put this entire time in my stagnant wholenessThe boldest self-surgery you have ever fucking seenI can love myself back into radianceBack into ease of internal flowBack into remembering, back into loving my otherness to re-become a shred of divineWorship is called back into the prayerAs if there were not any divinity beforeBut I remember all the music after the “Amen”All the harmony before “Amen-Ra” lost its sunThe sun shone before we ever fucking named itNo- [-thing, -where] -name could ever confine meNo syllable or lack thereof could ever define meI’m still outpouring all the explosion in myself...I’m still sitting, dancing in that internal house.Cathedral body pheonixed into moonlit loose stringsI observe this new lunar self-alchemy, new potential mosaic quilt of my every internal resynthesisIn silence. . .........How to knit myself and the world back together at the same time?


    For your mental exploration and introspection.

    5.5" x 4.25" paper staple-bound chapbook.


    Shipping via mail. Large envelope. Cost dependent on distance.

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