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Fellow creative Alchemist, it’s time to shake sh*t up.

It’s time to alchemize your doubt into abundant confidence.

It’s time to activate your creative power like never before.

It’s time to awaken your creative vision into lucid reality.


Are you a visionary artist seeking to unleash the full spectrum of your creative power?

Do you yearn to express your truth boldly, transcend boundaries, + redefine your artistic identity?

Welcome to a transformative journey like no other.

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💐 ready to unearth yourancestral wisdom? 💐

Channel your vision from the wisdom of your ancestors,

empowering you to explore the roots of your creativity,

connecting past, present, and future.


As an artist of color, your heritage is a wellspring of untapped inspiration.


Imagine harnessing the strength and resilience of your ancestors to fuel your artistic fire.


Within ULTRABLOOM, I'll guide you on a profound subconscious journey of self-discovery.

This dreamworld deepdive allows your roots to flourish and shape your unique artistic identity.

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💐 Healing Through Expression: 💐


My Alchemic Activation technique taps into the therapeutic power of self-expression, allowing you to heal emotional wounds and barriers that hinder your creative confidence and flow.


Your journey as a queer artist of color may be marked by pain, discrimination, and complex emotions. But within your experiences lies the power to create art that heals, transforms, and empowers. ULTRABLOOM provides a sacred space for you to channel your emotions into masterpieces that resonate with the world.

💐 alchemize your doubtinto creative power. 💐

Break through creative limitations and barriers. Learn to ULTRABLOOM beyond your expectations, cultivating personal growth, and a profound understanding of your creative purpose.


Society's expectations, stereotypes, and discrimination should never confine your creativity. Our revolutionary process empowers you to shatter these barriers. Your art will transcend boundaries, defy conventions, and become a powerful force of change. ULTRABLOOM  your artistry and your sense of self.

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💐 Gratitude, Joy, and Blessings: Your Creative Fuel 💐


Every step of your journey is a testament to your courage and resilience. Cultivating gratitude and recognizing your blessings will infuse your art with authenticity and vibrancy. Discover joy in your creative expression, even in the face of adversity. Your art will radiate positivity and authenticity.


Discover the transformative power of gratitude as a portal of creative abundance.

Embrace blessings in your creative journey, finding joy + fulfillment in every step.

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💐 cultivate lifelongcreative evolution. 💐

Your creative journey is lifelong. As a queer artist of color, you are continually evolving.

ULTRABLOOM and Alchemic Activation activates you with the tools and support to embrace this process fully. Seek new  ULTRABLOOMing horizons, ensuring your creative journey remains boundless.

I'll guide you and an intimate community of blooming Alchemists

on an expansive exploration of your creative self across 6 months.


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✨ Why Choose ULTRABLOOM? Because You Deserve to Thrive!

Your voice, your art, your truth are essential.


ULTRABLOOM is not just a coaching service; it's a transformative communal experience

to help queer artists of color shine brightly in a world that tells us to dim our light.


We understand your unique journey and challenges, and we are here

to empower you to claim your space, speak your truth, and create with unwavering confidence.


🌟 Why "Alchemic Activation"?

My unique approach blends ancestral wisdom, creative expression,

and self-discovery to empower you to become the confident,

creative force you're destined to ULTRABLOOM into.


This alchemic process within ULTRABLOOM activates your subconscious and dream world to cultivate your creative vision for your next album, book, branding, or holistic offering crystal clear.


Are you ready to unlock your limitless creative potential and

elevate your creative journey to new heights? Join us below.

join us.




Every month

includes "bloom". I alchemize your creative flow for effortless expression + trusting your intuition

Valid for 6 months

💐 activate your intuitive creative flow

💐 alchemize your creative brand to life

💐 finish projects with intuitive lucidity

💐 express your story with creative confidence

💐 lucid dream while awake for creative clarity

what you'll experience in ULTRABLOOM:

💐 1 x 2 hour ULTRABLOOM Group Collaboration Circle, monthly ($800+ value):

get my live support with songwriting, poetry, music production + branding.

💐 Exclusive Access to "Blooming Alchemists" Catalyst Community

and group chat for support & inspiration. ($800 value)

💐 1 x 60 min Intuitive Branding Coaching per month. ($350 value)

💐 1 x 60 min Creative Clarity Coaching per month. ($350 value)
💐 24/5 DM, email, & voice notes 1:1 support. ($250 value)

💐 Monthly Group Catalyst Call Ceremony ($250 value)​


💐Access to custom Alchemic Activation healing soundscapes produced by me,

inspired by our collective Ultrabloom experience ($1000+ value)

💐 Access to sacred alchemic guidebook journey "Ghosts in the Dreamscape"

to access your subconscious creative dreamworld ($500 value)

💐  Lifetime access to ULTRABLOOM masterclass replay ($250 value)

💐ULTRABLOOM playlists, mood boards, social media inspo + more! ($500 value)

TOTAL VALUE: $2700 / month + $2250 bonuses.

YOUR INVESTMENT: only $657 / month for 6 months.


bloom: alchemize your creative seedlings



Every month

I help you begin to bloom your creative vision by trusting your intuition.

Valid for 3 months
+ 14 day free trial

Monthly Group Catalyst Call Ceremony ($250 value)

Group Collab Circle, monthly: live community support ($800+)

Exclusive Access to Alchemist Catalyst Community. $800 value

16/5 DM, email, and voice note support ($200 value)

Access to sacred alchemic guidebook journey ($500 value)

Lifetime access to ULTRABLOOM masterclass replay. $250 value

Playlists, mood boards, social media inspo, more! $500 value


TOTAL VALUE: $2050 / month.

YOUR INVESTMENT: only $525 / month for 3 months.

Best Value




includes "bloom". I alchemize your creative flow for effortless expression + trusting your intuition

Valid for 6 months

here's how I've transformed other artists' creativity:


Roberto Martinez,
Content Creator @robertoess
[66.7k TikTok]

“If you are looking to unlock and unleash your inner potential as an individual or artist, you should definitely book a call with Hector”

Nicole, @poetrybattles Associate Editor + Two-Time Champion 🏆🏆🖋

“When you are delivering your poetry it is like you are channeling a message from the divine! It is a truly amazing thing to watch!"

Cobris, poet and business consultant

"I enjoyed my consultation with Héctor! We worked on ideas for my chapbook and how to move concepts forward. He was able to help me find clarity and gave me great ideas on how to book more performance features in the future."

"I'm super grateful to have had a coaching session with Hector and finally gain better insight into his framework of healing. Having seen him work consistently and juggle numerous pursuits over the years, I'm constantly moved by his dedication to growth.


I genuinely value his guidance in using dreamwork visualization, and healing to really develop a relationship with my creative blockage to work through it at a pace that feels right.


A day after our session, I am already noticing my creativity flowing with a bit more gentleness and playfulness.


I do believe the visualization will allow me to better cultivate and protect my creative energy, which is super important for not only my personal life, but also for the service i hope to provide to my community."


Christina Olague, @fresnitx_

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